The Start of Campus Cooks

We are Campus Cooks, an internet based cooking teaching source that strives to teach students how to cook good food for cheap rather than always going out to eat or going to the Kline Campus Center.

This idea came to us on the day of our pitch because the group who presented before us presented the same project idea that we planned to pursue. So, the four members we had in attendance removed ourselves from the lecture hall and brainstormed this concept during another group’s presentation. During our pitched, we focused a great deal on video’s detailing how to make multiple meals as well as a recipe list that contains distinctions of some recipes being gluten and/or lactose free. During the presentation, a member of the audience brought up the idea of hosting a cooking competition which we also agreed would be a very good idea.

After our presentation, we received $450 for our project as well as rather positive feedback about our project. The most notable recommendations were to create totes filled with cooking supplies for students(this was recommended because most residents halls do not offer communal cooking supplies) and to use the RAs in our group to have a bigger pull to our cooking competition.


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