What Has Happened Since

Since the pitch, we have worked diligently to fully flesh out what we want to do throughout this process. We decided that we want to focus highly on our video production, our recipes, and on our two stage competition process. For the video production, we have accumulated a list of potential guest cooks for the videos, as well as gaining an understanding for the style we would like our videos to be produced in. We have also started composing our recipe lists that is currently close to 50 recipes. The only aspect that we have not done much work on is our competitions, but we have outlined how we want the events to work. We are in the state of our project that requires us to organize the paperwork needed to host the competitions as well as begin recording for the videos on our currently functional website.

Currently, we have not touched the funding that we received from our pitch. However,  we have a plan as to how we will be using the majority of our funds. The majority of our funds will be used to host our website and to compose three totes of cooking supplies to be used during our competitions and later be rented out to students once Campus Cooks becomes a club. The remainder of our funds will be used for advertising and for the golden spatula prize for winning the cooking competition.

The biggest we are having as a group is finding the time to work on or project. We all have very busy schedules this semester and it is becoming increasingly difficult to set aside a few hours each week to work on our project. We are working around this problem by keeping each other accountable through email and collaborative to-do lists.


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